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Ulrich Investigations is a firm dedicated to providing quality investigative services. Our contacts included agencies and individual investigators around the world. We are licensed in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts and endeavor to undertake work in the Granite State, however, professional contacts have been developed in the United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa and in every region of the United States and Canada. In addition our professional associations include members in South and Central America.

We Provide the Following:
  • Insurance defense investigations

  • Database research on businesses or individuals*

  • Complete investigative case management

  • Background investigations*

  • Scene photography of accidents

  • Witness locate investigations

  • Scene witness canvas

  • Statements and interviews

  • Complex cases welcome

  • Public record retrieval

  • County and District Civil, Criminal, Probate, Family court checks

  • Securing detailed and certified weather reports for a date and location

  • Prepare diagrams of roadways, stairways, homes or other accident locations

  • Service of process as allowed by local court rules or US law.

Associates Provide:

  • Foreign language statements and interviews

  • Physical and Personal Security Analysis Physical or Personal Security Escort

  • Physical and Personal Security Analysis Physical or Personal Security Escort

  • Video Surveillance installation Technical Security Operations (TSCM){debugging}

* All research is undertaken for permissible use only and complies with the applicable requirements of the Fair Trade Commission, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, the Driver Privacy Protection Act, Gramm, Leach Bailey Act and all applicable state laws.

Ulrich Investigation is Licensed Bonded and Insured, in
New Hampshire and Massachusetts

P.O. Box 15, Hudson, New Hampshire 03051
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